Creative Art Director focused in creative and visual ideias with over eight years experience


A data-driven campaign to turn soccer fans into NBA fans.

By extracting and analyzing data from both sports, we let every soccer fan know that whatever was going on with his team, was also happening to a team in the NBA

Fans will be fans

People gather aroung the fire since caves era. And barbecue is the most important reason for brazilians to come together and share good stories, worthy of being, literally, recorded. The bests stories, will be recorded forever in some special Tramontina's knifes and given to their autors

Knife Tales

Personal projectIn pandemic times it seems like people have lost their sense. This is a personal project created to externalize my personal thoughts about relashionship, familly or bosses through small tips diagrammed in the form of cloths tags

Real Life Instructions

Geometric illustrations created for Brazilian brand with focus on beach wear and acessories and honors the red vivid Rio de Janeiro's sunset

Sunset in Rio

What if we created a shade of blue inspired by Brazilian skies? That's what we did in partnership with a duo artists Joules&Joules that used Verdete (a blueish soil) to create a unique shade of blue: the Azul do Brasil

The Azul of Brazil